geek squatch

Sasquatch has a hard time with words, but we’ve given him our Twitter handle to practice communication skills of the 21st century. We met on the Back to the Future SubReddit a few years back and have been friends ever since. Although he’s a full-grown Sasquatch, with a job and 2.3 kids (there was an’ll have to ask him to tell the story), his heart lies in his formative years of the 80’s and 90’s.

From what we’ve been able to gather, Sasquatch’s favorite comic book hero is Spiderman and he makes a high pitch squeak every time he sees Arnold Schwarzenegger so we think he’s got a thing for him too.

He could never quite figure out Lego, but he loves to paint pictures of Johnny number 5 and has a statue of the Enterprise on his desk.

Yes, he’s one of us. And we’re one of him. And we’re glad we found each other so we can watch reruns of MacGyver over Skype on the weekends.