Three Men and a Baby - 085

This week Heather joins us as we talk about the weirdly forward-thinking 1987 comedy: Three Men and a Baby. Talking points include: Mustaches, Muscles, and our dream cast for a modern remake of the movie. Be sure to check back next week for more GeekSquatch!

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - 084

This week things get dhampire with Alex, Remy and Caleb as they discuss the game that defines the second half of the Metroidvania genre: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night! Do you like RPGs? Do you like hack and slash adventure? Do you like pretty half-vampire half-human immortal me? Then check it out and be sure to check back next week for more GeekSquatch!

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Super Mario Bros. Movie - 083

Hey, everyone. It's your friend Alex. I just wanted to apologize for cursing you with discussion about this awful garbage movie.

This week Alex and Caleb discuss the first video game movie based on an existing franchise - Super Mario Bros. The year is 1993... The cast is weirdly star-studded... and the Mario Bros have a last name (hint, its awful). Check it out and be sure to check back next week for more GeekSquatch

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GeekSquatch is a nostalgia podcast brought to you by a pair of “enthusiasts” that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s -  and by enthusiasts, they’re actually just a bunch of friends that like to geek out about tv, movies, video games, and toys from their formative years.  Join the podcast each week to reminisce about nerd culture topics before they became retro favorites. 

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He-Man - 082

BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL, WE HAVE THE PODCAST!!!!! Alex and Caleb discuss the action figure/cartoon crazy of the early 80s: He-Man. How did they come up with a character essentially named "boy-boy" anyway? Why does he look so much like another famous shirtless barbarian whose name rhymes with Bonan? We delve into the nitty gritty and theorize on what those hairy loin clothes really were made of on this episode of GeekSquatch.

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Don Bluth - 080

We take a different turn this week as we talk about the man who shaped traditional animation in the early 80s: Don Bluth. The daring duo of Caleb and Alex talk about Bluth's life from birth to Disney to independent animation studio where he created some of the most memorable movies of our youth like The Secret of NIMH, The Land Before Time, and An American Tail.

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POGs & Porn in the Woods - 079

Welcome to a two-for-one episode! In the first half Caleb, Alex, and special guest Tinkkz from Bombshell Jackets talk about the phenomenon that is Porn in the Woods. Needless to say this episode is NSFW as we share our stories, stories from our fans/friends about finding random pornography in the wilderness. and why that happened in the first place. On the second half of the show we talk about the 1994-95 craze that swept the nation: POGs. Their origin, the fact that they're still used to this day as currency on some military bases, and why they succeeded.

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Batman (1989) - 076

The movie that started the superhero movie phenomenon is our topic of this week - Batman 1989. It may not have held up so well, but there were a lot of things we forgot about this film! From the odd casting issues to the decade long development and twelve different scripts it's a wonder this movie ever got made, but it's legacy can be felt even today. @TopherNunes joins us as we blab about the Bat.

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Bloody Roar - 073

This week we cover a forgotten fighting game series from HudsonSoft: Bloody Roar. We welcome reluctant Bloody Roar expert Scott (aka @SCXCR) as we discuss why a game about people  who can turn into giant humanoid animals is way cooler than it sounds. Also the story is bonkers. 

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Ladyhawke - 072

The Godfather of the Ninja Pancake Network, Remy Ransom, joins us again to talk about a movie that at first glance should be good, but is instead a dumpster fire. We try to make sense of this disaster from one of the most prolific directors in TV and film history, Richard Donner. Also, a surprise special guest joins us mid-episode! 

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The Last Jedi (Spoilercast) - GS Now

GS Now: The Last Jedi (Spoilercast)

This week we're talking about the greatest Christmas present a Geek can get: A new Star Wars movie! We'll be discussing the intimate details of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi. You have been warned!

Colin makes a return to talk about this latest installment in the Disney (isn't that weird to say?) franchise and whether or not Wookies are invited to the cookout if they bring roasted Porg.

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Wolfenstein 3D - 069

069 - Wolfenstein 3D

We spend a lot of time talking about the large, in both stature and accomplishment, man who laid the foundation for the game that would put id Software on the map: Silas Warner. His life was fascinating even though he wasn't as successful as he probably should have been. We also discuss about how crazy John Carmack was/is and how Wolfenstein 3D sold extremely well for being a shareware release.

Alex also yells about Nazis for a minute, of course.

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True Lies - 068

068 - True Lies

The end of SchwartzGiving is upon us as we discuss the Arnie as action spy and final James Cameron team-up: True Lies. We talk about Bill Paxton, Tom Arnold, and how surprisingly into Jamie Lee Curtis at least one member of the crew is. It might get awkward.

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day - 067

SchwartzGiving continues as we talk about one of the few sequels that far surpasses it's predecessor: Terminator 2: Judgment Day. We really tried to examine how this movie would feel watching for the first time and gush over all of the great iconic scenes as well as contemplate how time travel works. That last part doesn't work so well.

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