Big Trouble in Little China - 060

060 - Big Trouble in Little China

Alex has apparently modeled his life after Jack Burton, and that’s... ok? It’s hard to say. Big Trouble in Little China may not be a financial success - but it’s a damn fun ride.

We've also started taking listener voicemails! Make sure to call in:  (540) 692-9165

Heather joins us for Crypto again this week and the boys have themselves a great time trying to figure out just what in the hell her topic could be.

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Netflix's Castlevania - GS NOW

GS Now: Castlevania  on Netflix

Netflix recently released an animated series that breaths life into the story of Castlevania III and the universe that Konami created some 30 years ago.

The guys break down the story, animation, their favorite scenes, and the bloody mess that’s portrayed in the 4 episodes produced by Adi Shankar.

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