Tetris - 054

The history of this week’s subject is a murky tale of copyright law, Cold War drama, and psychological manipulation. It’s one of the most popular games of all time - Tetris!

Caleb crams as much as solid information possible into this week’s episode, Brandon tells a fun story about how his parents are thieves, and Alex has something to say about everything (as usual). Colin is out for the week, but he’ll be back!

Cryptogeekology is a big sad trash mess because Alex managed to save over his original recording of the game section - but luckily Heather joined them for a second round with a new subject. Let’s see if they can maintain the winning streak!

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Mega Man X - 045

The original Mega Man games had a great run on the original Nintendo, but the series had gotten stale.  Capcom had maxed out their creativity over six annualized games and, given the processing power that was available on the NES, the franchise was due for an evolution.  Enter Mega Man X.  Released a few years into the Super Nintendo life cycle, Mega Man X lived up to the expectations of longtime fans and is still considered one of the best mega man games ever created.

Caleb takes you deep into the greatness.  The Geeksquatch crew dive into the game’s lore, evolved gameplay, and fan community that took the Mega Man universe to the next level.

The host then tries to stump the cast in the movie category during Cryptogeekology: 20 questions.  Stick around if you think you know the (nerd) classics. 

Geeksquatch is a nostalgia podcast brought to you by a group of “enthusiasts” that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s -  and by enthusiasts, they’re actually just a bunch of friends that like to geek out about tv, movies, video games, and toys from their formative years.  Join the podcast each week to reminisce about nerd culture topics before they became retro favorites.  Come for the squatch, stay for the trivia.

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