Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - 041

The Power Rangers took North America by storm in 1993.  The show premiered during the Fox Kids after school time slot and went on to produce 60 episodes in its first season.  The key to its success?  Besides a handful of well cast “teenagers with attitude,” MMPR was heavily adapted from the Super Sentai series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.  In fact, all of the villains, costumed fight scenes, and Zord battles were edited in from the Japanese show.

Alex leads you through a breakdown of all the Power Rangers goodness it’s possible to squeeze into a kick ass hour and a half ear party.  From the rangers and their Zords to the villains and notable side characters.  And of course, the green ranger is here too.

Cryptogeekology: 20 questions goes with the video game category this week.  The guys catch on quick.  Stick around and see if they can seal the deal.

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