Dungeons and Dragons and The Satanic Panic - 048

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game that took the world by storm. The Satanic Panic was a cultural phenomenon during the 80s and 90s damning nearly everything totally rad. This week the crew gets together to talk about both.

Alex hosts this week as he guides the cast through the history of D&D, Gary Gygax’s early career, how D&D works, and the causes of the Satanic Panic (as well as why D&D holds some of that stigma today). There’s also an impromptu dungeon encounter somewhere in there that no one was ready for.

As always, we close the show out with Cryptogeekology: 20 Questions. Heather joins us again and the gang crushes the new topic: Board Games. See if you can grab it before they do.
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