Oregon Trail - 031

If you know what cholera, typhoid, or dysentery can do to a person, then you’re either in the medical profession or you’ve played The Oregon Trail at some point in your life. If it’s the latter, you know the joys of picking a profession, loading up on supplies at Matt’s General Store and making the virtual trip to Willamette Valley.  You should also have figured out that fording the river is never a good idea.

Colin takes the reins and leads a party of misfits through the surprisingly long and winding road that was blazed by The Oregon Trail.  With origins that actually stem from the early 70’s and backed by a state government initiative (MECC), this 2016 video game HOF inductee is one of the most popular educational video games of all time.  Geeksquatch takes you through the highlights of the game, it’s development history, and all of our experiences with the game along the way.

Cryptogeekology gets a remix as the gang plays a little 20 Questions.  Stick around and play along. 

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