Independence Day - 012

Episode 012: Independence Day

(Originally recorded on August 18th, 2016)

Welcome to earth!  Strap in as Geeksquatch dissects the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day.  Brandon leads the invasion of your memory glands as the guys talk about one of the highest grossing summer movies of all time.

The Roland Emmerich film did much more than just help propel Will Smith’s movie career towards the stratosphere.  It led the way for the era of, end-of-times disaster films that wrapped up the 90’s.  Plot holes be damned, this movie was a treat for the senses.  Oh, and Jeff Goldblum is in it too.

Jaime is back to take the reigns of Cryptogeekology and she all but runs over everything in her path.  Stick around to see if you can fair better than the boys did on this week’s round of questions

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