Space Jam - 026

True or False: Michael Jordan, the most famous athlete of the 90’s, decided to retire at the peak of his career so that he could make a movie with Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Loony Tunes characters.  Mostly false.  But, while he wasn’t striking out with the Birmingham Barons he found time to make the cartoon crossover classic, Space Jam.


Brandon grabs point and takes the team to toon town for a movie that ended up being a veiled tribute to MJ’s life and career.  The gang breaks down all the highs, lows, and monster dunks.  Oh yeah, and more Bill Murray.


Cryptogeekology is back and the usual suspect begins to pull away from the pack.  Jaime does not approve.


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Editor's Note: This episode was originally recorded when Colin first came back from paternity leave. If you’re listening to all of our episodes in order, the introductory banter will feel out of place.


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