Back to the Future Pt 2 - 024

Great Scott!  In lieu of recent events, the universe has forced Geeksquatch to cover a sequel before its predecessor. How fitting.  #GraysSportsAlmanac #ThanksMarty.  The Cubs winning the World Series, a Biff (Trump) led alternate timeline, and an abundance of technology were all predicted by Back to the Future Part 2.


So, slip on your self-lacing shoes, grab your auto-resizing jacket, hop on your hoverboard, and time travel ahead (back) to October 21st, 2015.  Caleb steers you in and out of the time paradox filled feature while the rest of the gang attempt to make sense of it all.  


Cryptogeekology makes its triumphant return now that Colin has rejoined the regular cast.  Fatherhood has not been kind to his nerd culture knowledge.


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