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Geeksquatch has hit the internet!

Welcome to Geeksquatch! If you’ve stumbled across our show, it probably means that you’re a pretty big nerd. Well, that’s what we’re banking on at least. Geeksquatch is a passion project for the four of us and we’re itching to share everything that we have to say about nerd culture from the 1980’s and 90’s. If there’s something you geeked out about in that glorious era, then we most definitely have you covered.

Want someone to talk to you about his love for the Ninja Turtles, well Alex has you covered.

Do you still have all your VHS recordings of the animated Batman series? So does Brandon.

Need to confide in someone about your anime obsession, look no further than our resident expert Caleb.

Do you proudly state that Ghostbusters is the greatest movie ever created? Well, Colin’s got your back, fam.

What we’re trying to say is we have a lot to get off our chests about the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons, cassette tapes, and Kurt Russell movies. And, we can’t wait to hear from you and join in on the conversation.

We have a couple episodes in the bank that we’ll be releasing shortly and then moving forward we’re planning on dropping a new show every Tuesday. ITunes should be approved and live soon, so in the meantime please check us out on the website, Google, or Stitcher.

Let us know if you like what you hear and shoot us some topics you’d like us to cover in the near future. We have an ongoing list of over 200 idea, so we’ll gladly add to it and make sure your’s is moved up the priority list. Thanks for listening!

-The Geeksquatch Squad